Delivery Xtreme Franchising

Is to identify prospective Franchisees that fit the profile of the group, and share our passion for Service Xcellence. Those who are willing to go that Xtra mile with a committed, hands-on approach will make a huge success of their business. 

Our policies and procedures have been developed over more than a decade. Regular and comprehensive support is provided by our Xperienced team members to make this business one of the best investments that you could ever make.

A Delivery Xtreme Franchise offers a vast number of benefits for entrepreneurs who want to enter the small business market. When considering franchising as an option for your business, it would serve you well to take a look at the benefits we have to offer.


It generally takes startup businesses years to establish their brand in the marketplace, and even then there is no guarantee that consumers will recognize them as a leader in their industry. DX offers their new business owners the advantage of name recognition from the onset. Our franchisees frequently experience exponential growth in name recognition as the franchise grows and expands in their particular areas.


Establishing dependable relationships with suppliers is another challenge new business owners often face. A DX Franchisee has the added advantage of relationships being birthed on their behalves by the DX Marketing department. The franchisees, as well as the Head Office Marketing department are then responsible for maintaining those relationships. The DX Franchise Company offers a reliable group of Suppliers to franchisees.


Yet another benefit to franchisees is that as franchisors, we provide employee training material. Our training programs equip employees (and franchise owners) to do their jobs efficiently and effectively without having to pay “schoolfees”. This will be of great assistance to you as a new business owner because company training systems create a more professional team member. In addition to training programs, we also provide employee policies and procedures that are critical in keeping the workplace running smoothly.
We commit ourselves to our Franchisees and offer assistance every step of the way.